BYTECH become the requirements and inspection methods for uv curing gravureprinting inks


   On July 27, 2019, The first working meeting of requirements and inspection methods for the use of LED curing inks for gravure printing organized by the packaging and printing professional committee was held inconference room 5, xinchuang building, Beijing institute of printing.

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The meeting was presided over by ma zhiyong, national technical committee of printing standardization,and professor xu wencai from Beijing institute of printing attended the meeting.More than 30 representatives including representatives of printing machinery enterprises, printing materials enterprises, testing institutions andexperts and scholars from universities and research institutes participated inthe meeting.

At the meeting, consultation and research were carried out on the establishment of drafting group and relatedissues of standard formulation, and the framework of draft standard wasseriously discussed.

Meeting to determine, changzhou speedsolid photosensitive new material co., LTD., Jiangsu caihua packaging group co.LTD, BYTECH Electronics Co., Ltd., Beijing printing institute, QingdaoHuaXun photoelectric technology co., LTD., shenzhen blue spectrum ricktechnology co., LTD., technical institute of physics and chemistry of theChinese academy of sciences, in the soft gravure technology services (Beijing)and so on more than 20 units for this standard drafting unit.

It was decided that the title of this standard was "requirements and test methods for uv curing gravure printinginks".

The meeting determined that the first draft of the draft drafting group of this standard should be completed by the end of August 2019 and the group should solicit opinions.